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romancelvr asked:
name two things you like about yourself, then pass this on to the first ten people you see on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem

Alright let’s do this!

1. My hair. Well, bit cheating here ‘cause I dye it brown while I’m a natural blond but I love it more that way. I’m just not comfortable in blond, it’s just.. not.. me?
2. My confidence in people. Well, of course I’ve been stabbed in the back every now and then by people, good friends even.. but somehow I still always believe in the best of people and I never give up on them. Ever.

Anonymous asked:
Can you write CS's first hug?


Um okay….Yeah I can although I don’t see that being long as I could probably write them hugging in just a few sentences….. I don’t really know what you’re looking for with this one love, but I will try and do it some semblance of justice! But if it’s not what your looking for feel free to send me some specifics and I shall try again :)

She huffed, dropping her purse to the floor with a thud as soon as the door slammed shut. She leaned back against the wood and closed her eyes, letting her frame slide slowly down until she hit the floor. She hung her head in her hands, the heel of her palm fitting perfectly over her eyes. 

"Rough day?" 

Her head snapped up at the sound, her eyes flitting around the small loft to find the source of the voice. When she met his blue eyes, she simply slumped back, the fight leaving her body as quickly as it had entered. 

"Just Regina and all that. How did you get in here?" She asked, her arms moved to cradle her knees as she watched him.

"Pirate, love. Do you want to talk about it?" He asked the playful glint missing from his eyes, replaced with concern for his Swan instead. It was a look she wasn’t familiar with, not having seen it for much of her life, at least not until she had been dragged to Storybrooke by Henry.  

"Not really. I would prefer to pretend today hadn’t happened," She told him as she lifted slowly from the floor. She threw her jacket onto the coat rack, and slipped her boots off. She smiled at the feeling of comfort- of being home. It had been such a long day, having had to deal with not only Regina but also the chaos that came with Elsa being in Storybrooke. All she wanted was to lay down, curl up in a blanket and sleep. The surprise visit from her pirate hadn’t been in the cards. 

"Well what can I do to help?" The pirate asked. He hadn’t seen Emma this beaten down since Neverland. He would do anything in his power to change it. 

Emma looked at him, seeming to consider the question. She made her way over to him and with a deep breath wrapped her arms lightly around his waist. She took a deep breath, familiarizing herself with the sent that was all him- salty sea air, leather and rum. Emma couldn’t help but notice his hesitation; after all she was not usually the one to make the first move; and hugging had never been their chosen form of comfort. 

His arms moved to wrap tightly around her shoulders, pulling her into him. He nuzzled his face into her hair, smiling. She could feel his warm breath on her skin- something that brought a small smile to her face. 

"This, you can do this," She whispered as she squeezed him just a little bit tighter, placing a small kiss to the skin of his chest. He had been just what she needed- not that she would admit that just yet. He simply laughed enjoying their first hug- and the prospect of many more to come. 

So yeah there it is…. hope it’s somewhat along the lines of what you wanted…… if not just let me know and I can try again :)

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"This is true love. I mean what are you going to do? Those outlaw queens...Stay strong"

-Lana Parrilla


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"When you get this, give 5 facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers!"

Alright, I was tagged by the lovely once-upon-a-writer to do this thing.

And to be honest, I’m really bad at these.. I’ve done it a few times before so I’ve no idea what I’ve already told you and what I didn’t tell.. so, uhm.. here goes?

1. I have a ‘10 things I should do more often’ note on my bedroom door. So everytime I leave my room I see it and I’m reminded to do certain stuff. You know, the appreciate little things every day.. see the good things in life. And I must say, it works.
2. I also have a jar which I start empty every year on 1st of January. I fill it a whole year long with notes on which I write good, happy, funny and more things I experience throughout the year. (at least once a week I write something down, can also be small, as long as it’s positive) and then on New Year’s Eve I empty it and read all the good things that happened that year and start again.
3. A bad habit of mine is that I spend my money on the wrong things. When I have to save it I usually STILL spend it on things like; movies, tv shows and stuff for my horse.
4. That will be fact number 4. I love my horse till death! Can’t imagine my life without horses in it.
5. Uhma … alright, last one.. I can’t wait till winter starts again. I can’t handle this much heat.. It’s giving me terrible headaches, which I already have A LOT but it’s just getting worse now.. I’ve trouble sleeping and I’m just done with it!

Just cheating a bit here.. I’m not tagging 10 people but I’ll do a few  people out here: fairytale-fangirl - littlemisssunny - secret-agent-boo

I wish you all a nice day!


after you’ve been through like a string of fandoms and you’ve decided your favourite character/s for each one, there will come a day when you will list all your faves from each fandom side by side and look at them carefully and realise

you have a type

"And so I like the villains on the show." {x}

“Emma is a complex person, and so is Hook, so it was never going to be easy for them to make it work but they are going to try.” —

Colin O’Donoghue 


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Anonymous asked:
I don't know if you're taking prompts, but if you are, could you write a short AU where Killian and Emma meet on the subway in NYC? Thanks! <3


Hi love! I know I’ve been behind on getting to prompt requests but I am trying! So yes, I love the idea of this and so I will do my best in order to do it some justice. I know everyone gets tired of my rambling here… so let’s just dive in shall we? Now bear with me….

She sighed as her body hit the plastic seat, conforming to the shape; her hand moved to grip the metal bar in front of her as the train hummed to life.

 It wasn’t that often a train car had so few people in it, especially during rush hour. Emma usually found herself wedged in between multiple bodies, sweating from their combined heat. She couldn’t help the slight sound of contentment that escaped her as she felt the relief of sitting after having stood in her Louboutins for so long.

The cacophony of the speakers blared to life- the man giving unintelligible directions about the next stop. Only fifteen more minutes and her hellish day would finally be over- the blonde looked forward to having a quiet dinner, followed by relaxing with a book and a glass of wine to drown out the chaos. The lull of the moving subway was enough to soothe her tired body for the moment. 

The screech and the sudden halt jostled her. She opened her eyes as the doors opened, a man stepping in and sitting across from her. He gave her a slight smile before he too relaxed into the seat, pulling his brief case onto his lap. He shuffled through it before pulling out a slightly ruffled newspaper- rummaging through the pages until he seemed to reach where he left off.

Emma tucked her hair behind her ear before leaning back and listening to the garbled speech once again coming through the speakers. She pulled her purse into her lap, digging through it until her hand hit her phone. She pulled it out and tapped the home button. She couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face when she realized she had no messages- that she was completely free for the night. The train jolted, stopping and causing her phone to fly from her hands and the man to lose his paper, as it spread across the floor. As she looked out the window it was clear that they had yet to reach the next stop- that they were stuck in some part of the tracks in-between stations.

“Shit,” Emma cursed under her breath as she stood, walking carefully to get her phone- extra cautious in case the train was to start back up to a normal speed. As she made her way back to the seat she checked to insure her phone screen hadn’t been shattered, letting out a deep breath when it turned out fine. She looked up at the man, finding him once again enthralled with whatever had been printed that morning in the Times. She huffed when she couldn’t understand the voice on the other end of the speaker, before resigning herself to the fact that this was her fate. 

She pulled her legs underneath her, slipping the heels from her feet as she once again busied herself with digging through her purse. Her stomach growled as she searched for the cereal bar she knew she had packed. When she couldn’t find it she threw the purse down next to her (as if it was responsible for the loss of her snack). 

"Shut up," She hissed at her stomach, her hands clasping over it as it growled once more. When a laugh sounded from the opposite side of the car she remembered she wasn’t alone. A blush covered her cheeks, her eyes flittering about the cart as she tried to avoid eye contact. She was sure the man now probably thought she was an escaped mental patient. She looked down at her hands, busying herself with chipping away her nail polish when she felt a presence next to her. 

"Here; it’s not much but it’s something. Who knows how long we’ll be stuck here," the man told her, a small Apollo bar sitting in the palm of his hand. Emma turned regarding him carefully as she took the bar from him. She inspected the wrapper; unsure what to expect. Finding the candy completely sealed- she opened it slowly.

“Does it pass inspection?” The man next to her joked, getting as comfortable as one could in the seat next to her. Emma once again felt the tale-tell signs of a blush heating her cheeks at being caught. She simply smiled before breaking the bar in two, handing him one half. She watched as he popped the small piece in his mouth, raising his eyebrow as he made a big deal out of eating it. He even stuck out his tongue to prove he swallowed it.

She laughed at his antics before taking a small bite out of the piece she had.

“I didn’t poison it, promise,” He told her, throwing two fingers up in the air as if to say scouts honor. She shook her head as she finished the chocolate, humming in satisfaction. A smile bloomed on the man’s face.

“Do you always carry emergency chocolate to hand out to starving strangers?” Emma finally spoke up as she turned to face him.

“Not usually. I stopped to grab one on the way to the train. It’s the only vending machine between work and home that carries that brand,” He told her, a blush all his own forming on the apples of his cheeks. Emma simply smiled and nodded.

 She leaned her elbow on the top of the seat, resting her cheek in her palm as she regarded the man once more. This time she took in the suit he donned and the fancy brief case she had seen him rummaging in.

“So what is it that you do?” She asked him, her blatant curiosity winning out over her filter.

As he opened his mouth (in protest or for an answer she was unaware) the train started moving again. The abrupt change in speed, flinging her into the man, whose arms wrapped around her waist to steady her.

“Sorry,” She mumbled, a blush once again forming on her cheeks- something she hadn’t done this much since she was back in middle school. She righted herself as the train started to stop again. Looking up she realized it was her stop. She quickly stood, slipping on her heels and grabbing her purse.

“Thank you for being so kind. I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you on the subway again,” Emma told him as she made her way to the door, blushing at the outright desperation she thought she heard in her own tone. She slapped her hand over her forehead as the door opened- quickly skirting out the door aiming to get as far as possible from her embarrassment.

"Wait, what’s your name?" He called after her, standing just inside the train.

"Emma," She told him with a smile, walking backwards as to keep eye contact with this man as long as possible.

"I hope to see you again too, I promise to bring a bigger chocolate bar next time," He yelled across the platform just as the door slid shut and the train began to move again. Biting her lip to contain her grin, Emma shuffled her purse higher onto her shoulder.

Her grin faded when she realized she hadn’t gotten his name- or knew anything about him. With a sigh she resigned herself to the fact that it was probably for the best. After all what could she really expect from some chance encounter on the subway. Sticking her hands down in her jacket she made her way down the street and into her apartment building, shoulders hung. 

Pushing through the door of her apartment, she threw her purse down on the counter- eager to get to her book and wine. On her way to the kitchen, she noticed a small slip of paper fluttering out of her bag and falling to the ground. Bending over to pick it up, she realized it was a business card. Printed on it was the name Killian Jones and a company just a few blocks away from hers. Written sloppily next to it was the question ‘Did I pass inspection?’ Emma simply laughed, holding the business card close to her speeding heart. Maybe her day hadn’t been so bad after all. 

Not gonna lie I quite enjoy this one so I hope you do too whoever you are!