"You traded your ship for me?"

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Anna is led to believe her parents went on that voyage in search of something that could help control Elsa’s powers, but she’s just not sold on it,” says Lail. “She’s determined to find out the truth about their mission. She dearly loves Kristoff but knows she can marry him next month or…

"Oh look! They’re making popcorn and Hook needs help because he’s only got one hand! Isn’t that adorable!"

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Storybrooke has frozen over

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Colin O’Donoghue talks Frozen at SDCC 2014 XX

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This look kills me


Me today. Not really interesting or something.

But here are my 5 random facts about me

1. I have this for instrumental music.. I actually have a playlist with hundreds of instrumental songs on my phone. I can daydream all day long with them..
2. Besides Captain Swan, I also ship McSwarek (Rookie Blue), Ichabbie (Sleepy Hollow), Scarlet Queen (Ouatiw), Jamie x Claire (Outlander), Olicity (Arrow), Aramis x Queen Anne (BBC Musketeers), Barney x Robin (Himym), Sam x Jules (Flashpoint), Robin x Marian (BBC Robin Hood) and many, many more.. gosh, I watch too many shows.
3. I can’t think of a life without horses in it.
4. I’m a collector of blu-ray movies and tv shows.. I know I can download stuff and I do, but when I like it.. I have to have it. But I think I’ve already shared this one before..
5. I have this total crush on someone but after my last relationship I’m afraid to start something new..


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